Upgrading Resin OS



One question… I couldn’t find it in the forums, but perhaps I didn’t search well.

Is there a plan to make it possible to upgrade Resin OS version through the dashboard? So, basically to be able to upgrade Resin OS version without having to reflash the devices.



Yes, resinOS updates will be an important thing in the near future. Just before Christmas, @andrei, our Head of Devices has finished a milestone version of the updater, and we have started applying it to devices in the field. Already tested it on a pretty decent number of devices. :ballot_box_with_check:

If you’d like to receive an update for your devices now, can send a request through the help button in the dashboard! :speech_balloon:

In the future this will streamlined and automated even more, we have a couple of interesting plans in place, more of which we’ll discuss here in the forums later. But in a nutshell: great resinOS update experience are one of our top priorities.


that’s great, thanks!


hey @flavia, if you are interested, now we’ve moved onto public testing of the ResinOS update, and looking for beta testers. So far the response is pretty good, haven’t lost a single device in the 200+ updates run, and learned a bunch. :robot:


Yes, I saw, and I wanted to volunteer one of our devices! But I couldn’t free one for this yet :slight_smile: I’ll get back when I do


Sure thing, just wanted to let you know. FYI, when things go well, it’s 10-30 minutes depending on the network speed available to the device to run the update.