Beta testers: resinOS 2.x updates!

Hey everyone!

Hot on the heels of our call for beta testers for the resinOS 1.x to 2.x host OS updates, we are preparing to roll out resinOS 2.x to 2.x updates for devices as well. :notes:

If you are interested in being a beta tester for this, let us know leaving a note here, and we’ll help you update your devices! :computer_mouse: The requirements are:

  • a production version of a resinOS 2.x device (no dev, beta, or rc versions)
  • any type of hardware!

Updates between 2.x versions should be the easiest type of update so far, because it was designed for updates in the first place. For example don’t have to worry about modifications to the host OS, since there are none due to read-only file system. The network settings are kept much better through the NetworkManager configurations, etc…

When there’s sufficient milage in this updater, we’ll have a self-service version as well, when you’ll be able to update your devices on your own too! Also we are working on future improvements as well to make this smoother (quicker and more flexible updates), will keep you posted!

Sounds great! - Count me in!

Nice! @marssystems, can you send me a private message with the link to the device that you’d like to get updated? :slight_smile: (just click on my user picture, and “message” :speech_balloon:)

Hi @imrehg!

We talked previously at Unreliable time. I’d love to try out the resinOS update feature for couple of our devices - let me know if this is something you are still offering!

Hi @daniel.lee we most definitely offer this. PM me with the links to the devices that you’d like to update, and we’ll take a look. :smiley: Thank you!

Update: now besides Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone devices, there’s beta version for Intel NUC and the UP board to update between resinOS 2.x versions! If you have such a device that you’d like to test update, feel free to let us know! :slight_smile:

@imrehg The update worked flawlessly on our RaspberryPi connected over 3G network.

This is amazing! Burning a new SD card and deploying the update manually would’ve been a logistical nightmare for us, and on-air ResinOS update is going to be an awesome alternative. You guys continue to make Resin a delightful experience - thanks a bunch!


I’m interested in testing this on my fleet of 2.0 (rev3) devices

Hey @kenansulayman, sounds good, send me a PM on the forums, and we’ll sort you out! (just click on my profile picture and send message :slight_smile:

Hey, I can’t send you messages; at least I cannot find an option. Is it a limitation because this is a new account?

Yeah, that’s possible, initiated a PM from our side!

Hey, I’d also like to update my 2.x resinos. Unfortunately I can’t PM you @imrehg (no button).

Hi @ky3orr, sent you a PM, hopefully it will work that way :slight_smile:

Wanted to chime in with my experience - we’ve worked with Gergely to update many of our devices currently in the field, and not a single update has gone wrong. He’s also been super communicative throughout the entire process, and I’d recommend participating in the beta if the new resinOS features are interesting to you.

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@imrehg I still can’t PM you.
How can i send you a link to my device I’d like to update?

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Sent you PM, maybe it works when initiated from our side :slight_smile:

Hi @imrehg!

What is the current state of 2.x updates?

I would love to update devices on the field, but I am scared about it haha…

Mostly because:

  • we have one modification into resin root partition, the plymouth template (resin.script)
  • we need to trigger the update outside work hours (we don’t want to eat our customer’s bandwith)

Hey, what changes you did to the resin.script? We’ve updated that config to be full screen by default, so if that’s what you do, then the updated version should have that built in, no modifications are needed. You might want to provision a new device with the latest resinOS available, and check your application (that’s always a good idea before updating anyways).

Regarding the time of the updates, we can do any time during support hours (8:00-24:00 London time). Also, self-service is coming soon, which means you can run the update any time it fits you (soon).

That sounds great, I didn’t know about the changes!

I’ll get ready some devices to test soon!


I don’t have a need to update devices yet, but I do have a question about the process. I’ve created a customized build of resin (based on v2.3.0 rev 1), so updates using the pre-built images wouldn’t work. Would it be possible for me to provide an updated build and have that deployed to my devices?