"Unsafe Mode" is not an option in settings?? Windows 10

I am trying to “flash” or write over an internal hdd/ssd, however etcher does not recognize these devices. I believe this is because of an option called “Unsafe Mode” that is in settings. When I go to settings though this option is not there. Can someone please help me find why and enable this. Is there there a way to do it through CMD to force this functionality?

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance. I have spend hours searching and talking with people in discord and none of them have been able to find the solution.

Hello, this option was removed some time ago.
The device list will now show all devices and it will show a warning for “unsafe” devices.
Are you sure the hdd/ssd is working ?
Does the Windows Disk Management utility see them ?

Yes, diskpart in CMD shows the disk (list disks). I have other “flashing software” and it picks up the disks as well. I’d like to use Etcher as it seems a lot of people recommend it.

Which version are you using ?

1.5.109, I have tried a little older release too. The results were the same.

Do you see a “Show X hidden” label under the devices list ?

Like this:

No, my screen doesn’t look like that. It has what looks like a USB plug and says 0 found with no other real options to choose from. It doesn’t show any drives at all. Nothing.

These are drives plugged into sata cables. They do show up in diskpart, disk manager, etc…

When I open Etcher, I can hear the drives spin up.

Hi, can you try and do as suggested in Etcher dont detect all drives aviables please?

I’ll give it a shot and see what happens. I will report back. I won’t be able to try until later today as I’m in the middle of the work day now. Thank you.

Having this exact same issue, why must things be fixed till they’re broke? :shushing_face:

I’m not sure. I haven’t tried the work around yet as it requires installation of several things that I simply haven’t had time to go through. I don’t use windows very often, so none of the things needed are installed.