Etcher dont detect all drives aviables

I want burn recalbox on a Hard drive but Etcher dont “detect” my hard drive (but he detect other drive i wont burn), i of course unable unsafe mode, but nothig happend. i use windows 10 and etcher 1.5.56
I already got 2 Ssd M.2.5 and etcher see them perfectly but, i want burn my image on a hdd and etcher wont do it…
Thanks for your reply !

Hi, what do you see if you run diskpart from command line then list the drives with list disk? Could you paste here the output?
Side note: it might be that the new version overrode the settings, could you please check the settings page again if you need to disable safe mode?

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Drive 0 is the one i want to flash, other are personal ssd
I already test with and without safe mode, nothing change (exept for ssd drives :smiley: )

@lagaffe91 I couldn’t reproduce this on my windows computer.

Etcher uses drivelist to list drives.
On windows this relies on some C++ code.
It would be really helpful if you could try installing drivelist from sources directly and tried it (you’ll need to install node and some tooling first).

git clone
cd drivelist
npm i
./node_modules/.bin/ts-node example/index.ts

This should output the list of drives. If your drive is missing, something must be wrong in .

What is should exactly install with node ?
I nerver do that :sweat_smile:

NodeJS is a javascript runtime build on Chromes V8 javascript engine. We’ve created a software package called drivelist that etcher uses to list connected drives on all major operating systems. You can find instructions on how to install node here and then follow the instructions posted previously by @zvin to see if drivelist is behaving as expected. Thanks!