Unable to sign in to Google via balenaDash browser


I have got the balenaDash project working OK , as described here:

and it is displaying a year-planner view of my Google Calendar, via this page:
https://ctcode.github.io/visual-planner/vp.htm , however I am unable to sign in (nothing happens when I click on the “Sign In With Google” box).
I CAN sign in OK via Google itself, here: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r
How can I get the sign in box to work? Thanks.


Hello, I tried to open that page in my browser and I get the error “Account Error: [idpiframe_initialization_failed] Cookies are not enabled in current environment.” so maybe that’s related and it could point to the actual issue. I’m not sure how this relates to balena, so you might be better asking for help in that project’s support channel.