Kiosk preventing deployment

This is really for the Balena photo frame project, but figured it belonged here for now.

I’ve tried a few different OS versions for this, both development and production, and run into the same problem every time- failed deployment due to the kiosk service failing to build.

The error I get is:
Step 1/1 : FROM balenablocks/browser:raspberry-pi
manifest for balenablocks/browser:raspberry-pi not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Can you help me get the kiosk to properly build?

Thank you!


What type of Raspberry Pi are you using? Please note that the balenablocks/browser (used in balenaDash and the Photo Slideshow) has been tested to only work on the Pi 3b+ and Pi 4.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for this. I’m using a Pi Zero W.

That’s good to know- I have a Pi 3b+ I can use for the project- is that the best way to proceed?

Hi there,

I would recommend using your RPi3B+ for this project, as the RPi0Ws can be a pain to get working on projects that require a fair amount of CPU/memory. If you do decide to try and deploy on the Pi0, please share your results here!