Help getting the "balenaDash" project working


Though I believe I’m not a noob to Linux, Docker, or even the Resin Dashboard (that was what it was called the last time I played with it) I’m stumped on trying to get the “Make a web frame with raspberry pi in 30 minutes” project to work.
I think I’ve gotten far enough that I’ve deployed the base balenaDash container to the RPI. But the container only shows a status of “Exited” and no logs appear if I start/restart it. Alas, the blog ( is really light on details if/when things don’t go exactly as planned. :frowning:

I’m using a REALLY old RPI (version 1, methinks). Could that be the issue?


Quick update. I happened to have an RPI 3B+ too. I created a new Application in BalenaCloud, pushed the balenaDash to this device, increated GPU Memory, rebooted, created my own customer URL and it all worked!

So, I’m betting that my RPIv1 is just too old. :frowning:


RPi model 1 is supported, according to the documentation.

However, curiously enough, I’m trying to deploy, too, on a Raspi1 and am a bit confused on what’s happening.


You might want to check the logs of the exited container with balena logs ${container_id} to see if anything useful shows up there.


That is part of my point. There are no logs. The container just shows “Exited” no matter what you click and/or if you view the logs.


Hi, could you tell us what exact Pi1 model are you using? There should be some version information printed on the device top. We should be supporting all Pi1 versions (in a Raspberry Pi 1 application) just fine. And have a lot of old hardware to test things out if there’s some info from you :slight_smile: