Get the “balenaDash” project not working

I don’t get the “Make a web frame with raspberry pi in 30 minutes” working successfully.
The services wpe, scheduler, wifi-connect has the status “running”, but the logs show
wpe * failed to add service - already in use?
wpe WARNING: WebProcess crashed: restarting it …
wpe * failed to add service - already in use?

any idea?
thanks, Norbert


it’s quite hard to say what’s going on if we don’t have access to your device. Are you willing to enable support access and share the full device UUID with us? Then we can check the device. Did you make any modifications to the project? Or you just git pushed it?


I’m using balenaOS 2.36.0+rev2 and with “balena-dash-web-ui” or “simple-server-node” it is working.
Will reload “balena-dash” and will come back to you

UUID 7e3ba6fb8e82838012c0abae78012c21

Hey @noschvie,

Can you try one thing, go to * Device Configuration*, and on RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem, set the variable to 396.

Let me know if it helps.

Thank you

Hi @dansku,
parameter changed to 396 und rebooted, but no improvement.

Hi @noschvie I was in the middle of taking a look at your device but it seems to no longer exist - did you remove it or remove support access?

I would suggest deploying the balenaDash project again without any modifications. I could see that it was loading a custom URL which wasn’t specified in the dashboard, so I was wondering if you had modified the project in any way to insert your own URL?

By all means share your device again if you still need help, I’d be happy to continue looking into it.

Hi @chrisys,
sorry, the support access expired.
I didn’t change the balenaDash project after downloaded from git. I just used the web interface ( to check the output. Will restart the device tomorrow morning.

Ahh that makes sense. Yes if you can share the device again we’ll take another look tomorrow.

Hi @chrisys, currently I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Maybe this was a result of switching between different applications, I tried “balenaDash” and the “simple-server-node”.
Thanks for your time!


glad it’s sorted. Do not hesitate to start new thread in case you’ll encounter any other issues!

I’m having a similar issue with the project. I’m using RPi 4 and getting the following error:

I also moved the device to this application, so will try flashing a new card and see if that has an effect.

If I work out what is causing this I’ll update the thread.