Unable to push locally although I am able to ping the device explicitly

I get an error when I am trying to push locally to a device. Although, I am able to ping it. The below image has all the three commands I have used.
1.) “balena scan” discovers the available local device.
2.) “balena push” does not work.
3.) but ping works successfully.

My device is in local mode.

Am I missing something?


I experienced same issue when I forgot to enable local mode. Isn’t this your case as well? Go to the dashboard, click on your app, then on your device and choose Enable Local mode from the menu.

My device is in local mode. I had done that before doing a scan.

Hey @agaurav can you try running DEBUG=1 balena push $IP and post back the results? That might reveal more information on what the error actually is.

Also I just noticed that you’re using Resin OS 2.12.7, which is quite old. Is there any reason you can’t use the latest 2.36.0? Can you then try it with the latest balenaOS version for your device?

I just checked the documentation and it says the following:

  • In order to use local mode on a device the device must be running balenaOS v2.29.0 or higher

Can you please update your device and try again?

Thanks @zrzka . I think this might be the problem. I will get back to this issue after updating OS.

You’re welcome. Let us now if upgrade solved your issue.

@zrzka Hey… it is working now. Thanks

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