Trouble with local push : Could not communicate with local mode device at address

Firstly balenaCloud and balenaOS are great products well done!

We have had recurring issues with balena push to local dev imaged RPI3s (although have never reported it before as we made do with cloud deployment).

This has happened across multiple versions of balena-cli but the current one im using is 12.0.0 downloaded today.

  1. Run balena scan to determine IP address and get e.g.

Reporting scan results

host: 840d138.local
Containers: 4
ContainersRunning: 4
ContainersPaused: 0
ContainersStopped: 0
Images: 5
Driver: aufs
SystemTime: 2020-06-16T13:06:55.463811698Z
KernelVersion: 4.19.75
OperatingSystem: balenaOS 2.51.1+rev1
Architecture: armv7l
Version: 19.03.13-dev
ApiVersion: 1.40

  1. Run balena push using e.g.

balena push
[debug] Using . as build source
[Debug] Checking we can access device
[Debug] Sending request to
Could not communicate with local mode device at address

The weird thing is that I can SSH into the device using e.g.

ssh root@ -p22222

And I can ping the device successfully. And if I curl port 80 I also get a response. But if I curl that URL above that is being used to ‘check’ access then there is no response (but maybe this is more than a ‘ping’ and also verifies device config in some way?).

Before I go report this as a bug is there anything I am obviously doing wrong here? I did have a google around but most people with this issue seem to be accidentally not using a dev version but im pretty sure this isnt the case here.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi, can you verify that the device is definitely running in local mode?

I forgot to ‘enable local mode’ in the web console. Sorry ! Thanks for your help.