Unable to install Arduino CLI with Balena

Hey everyone,

I am attempting to install Arduino packages in order to update an Arduino Uno attached to my Raspberry Pi 3 B+, however, I am unable to do so because I cannot install the necessary Arduino packages.

I attempted to use: RUN apt-get install arduino which failed, so now I am trying to install it from the downloader on the website. The following is my code:

FROM resin/%%RESIN_MACHINE_NAME%%-python:2.7

#switch on systemd init system in container

WORKDIR /usr/src/app

# -- Start of resin-wifi-connect section -- #

# Set the device type environment variable using Dockerfile templates

# Use apt-get to install dependencies
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -yq --no-install-recommends \
    dnsmasq && \
    apt-get clean && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

# Install resin-wifi-connect
RUN curl https://api.github.com/repositories/37727198/releases/latest -s \
    | grep -hoP 'browser_download_url": "\K.*%%RESIN_ARCH%%\.tar\.gz' \
    | xargs -n1 curl -Ls \
    | tar -xvz -C /usr/src/app/

# -- End of resin-wifi-connect section -- #

#RUN mkdir arduinoInstaller -p > /dev/null
#RUN wget https://downloads.arduino.cc/arduino-1.8.10-linuxarm.tar.xz -q --show-progress -P arduinoInstaller
#RUN tar xJf arduinoInstaller/arduino-1.8.10-linuxarm.tar.xz -C arduinoInstaller --strip=1
#RUN rm arduinoInstaller/arduino-1.8.10-linuxarm.tar.xz > /dev/null

RUN wget https://downloads.arduino.cc/arduino-1.8.10-linuxarm.tar.xz -q --show-progress
RUN tar -xf arduino-1.8.10-linuxarm.tar.xz
RUN mv arduino-1.8.10 /opt
RUN /opt/arduino-1.8.10/install.sh

# pip install python deps from requirements.txt
# For caching until requirements.txt changes
COPY ./requirements.txt /requirements.txt
RUN pip install -r /requirements.txt

COPY . .

RUN tr -d '\r' < start.sh > start.sh
CMD ["bash", "start.sh"]

If anybody knows how to do this, please let me know!

could you share the errors in both the apt-get use-case, and the current download one?