Attempting to install CircuitPython To Raspberry Pi 4: Seeking Dockerfile Help

Hello gurus,
I’ve had success getting Node.js working on various projects. Today, I hope to get CircuitPython installed and running for a GPIO project where most of the support/examples are centered around CircuitPython.

After looking at different examples, I’m getting stuck on the build. Any ideas of what I’m missing?:

Device: Raspberry Pi 4
Desired Python version: 3
Pip/pip3 could benefit from an upgrade

Here’s the current work-in-progress:

# Initial reference:
FROM balenalib/%%BALENA_MACHINE_NAME%%-python:3-stretch-run

# Set our working directory
WORKDIR /usr/src/app

# Read:
# RUN install_packages python-smbus i2c-tools python3-pip
# TODO: Hmm. With this disabled, now I'm getting too many request errors. Will try again later?
# "toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit. You may increase the limit by authenticating and upgrading:"
# Also, python3-pip may not be required here?

# upgrade pip
# TODO: This fails for now, attempting to run without (may not be required)
# RUN python -m pip install --upgrade pip

# Copy requirements.txt first for better cache on later pushes
COPY requirements.txt requirements.txt

# pip install python deps from requirements.txt on the build server
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

# This will copy all files in our root to the working  directory in the container
COPY . ./

# Enable udevd so that plugged dynamic hardware devices show up in our container.

# will run when container starts up on the device
CMD ["python","-u","src/"]

requirements.txt if needed:


From this I’ve been experiencing two errors. My latest has been a toomanyrequests error. Maybe I’m building too often as I figure this out?

Previously (commented out) I was failing in upgrading pip. Maybe there’s a different command for that in build?

Thanks for taking a look in advance! My familiarity with Python in general is limited, yet I look forward to giving it a shot on a Pi for GPIO purposes.

Hello Christopher

what is the error message that you are getting? how are you getting stuck?

Hello Juan,

Currently as-is above:

“toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit. You may increase the limit by authenticating and upgrading:

This kills the build.

Hi there,

Ok then, this is not a problem in your Dockerfile, but it is due to docker hub rate limiting:
It seems like the Balena Docker Hub account has reached some limit (it shouldn’t have). We’re looking into this. As a workaround, if you have a Docker Hub account, you should be able to use your own credentials:
If not stay tuned, we are working on it

you can follow the satus of this incident here:



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Thank you! I’ll follow up once this resolved with solution or further questions if that’s cool. Have a great day!

Hey Christopher,
you can try again now, it should be fixed. And if you have more questions about the build, come back to us!
have fun!

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Thank you Juan! I’m all set.