Unable to deploy code

Hi there,
I have successfully added a device and it shows as connected.
I did download the code from GitHub.
I already deployed another project on a separate App/Device which is working perfectly.
I did follow exactly the same procedure for this new App on a new device. However, I am getting this error: "MBP-di-Felice-6:balena-dash felicemassaro$ balena push balena-dash
BalenaAmbiguousApplication: Application is ambiguous: balena-dash"

Your help will be appreciated.
Thank you,


Would it be possible that someone has shared another application with the same name with you? This would be in a different organization.

What you can do is specify the org to use with something like balena push org-name/app-name.

Thanks but I am logged in in my organisation. I don’t think that the push command is looking somewhere else. I did try but I have this error:

MBP-di-Felice-6:balena-dash felicemassaro$ balena push g_felice_massaro’s/balena-dash
BalenaApplicationNotFound: Application not found: g_felice_massaro’s/balena-dash


You might be logged in to your own organization, but your user account can still have access to other applications. This would be visible if you click on the Organization tab, and see all the orgs that you have access to - and then all the apps inside them.

Can you remove the 's from your command - so just balena push g_felice_massaro/balena-dash

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I got the unicorn!

Thanks a million. that did the trick. Deployed successfully.