issue on doing "balena push myApp" to artik533s(artik530s1G) board.

I got the error log as below picture when I did “balena push myApp” on Ubuntu PC.

Let me know how to solve this issue with me ?

When I did “sudo balena push my App”, I got the below error logs:

hotcoder@14u530-mflul:~/balena/x11-window-manager$ sudo balena push x11-window-manager
sudo: balena: 명령이 없습니다

hey @binibini

It seems you are trying to push the project here to your device.

the appName is the name you chose when creating the application in the dashboard. see here

So if you want to push the x11-window-manager project, you first need to download it from github, then do balena push <appName> from the folder containing the project. Note, you may also need to adapt the project for your board.

I would suggest going through the getting started guide for your device to familiarise yourself with the workflow.

hope this helps, Let us know how it turns out.

Kind regards