Cannot `balena push` to organizations outside my username org

I created an organziation today, and an application in that org, and attempted to push a project to the org, however it doesn’t work.

$ git remote add balena && git push balena master
Host key fingerprint is SHA256:NfwmqnKId5cx1RWpebbEuuM87bCJbdyhzRnqFES9Nnw
+---[ECDSA 256]---+
|            ...o |
|         . .  +  |
|          +..* . |
|         ..++ X E|
|        S.. +* + |
|        o. o..+  |
|   . .  .+ .oO + |
|  . + o.o  =O+*  |
|   . +..  .+B+.  |
No application named `myorg/myproject` accessible by user `myuser`
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

I’ve tried this with several applications in the organization, but it doesn’t work. If I create an application in my default org named after my user, then it works fine. The remote add line is direct from the application releases screen.

Hello Casey, welcome to the forums and thank you for reporting.

Could you please confirm that your ssh keys from github are properly introduced on your balena account?

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Yes, I can confirm that. Several ways:

  • I’ve verified the fingerprints with ssh-add -l match what is shown in the web ui
  • I can successfully push to an application under myusername/appname

Thank you Casey, let me try to reproduce what you did.

Ok Casey, i reproduced your error and I will contact the balena Organization team and introduce an issue there. Thank you for reporting.

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Hello Casey, try again to do it. Now it should work.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Confirmed, its now working! Many thanks to you and your team.