Stuck at Pushing Code to Pi

Hey everybody,looking for a little guidance on an issue I’m having. I am building this project…BalenaSense

I get to this part and I’m not sure how to get into that directory?..

From within the unzipped project directory, execute balena push <appName> , where appName is the application name you set back at the beginning of the guide.

I tried to push it by using …balena push balenasense,but I get an error that I dont have privaliges to do it,even though I am running CMD as Admin.

I have NPM on my Win 10,so I didn’t do the standalone binaries. Any ideas? Thanks

I figure it out. I had to cd the whole name of the file location,not cd just the c: (name)

Hi @Kev7274, welcome to the balena community : )

It’d be useful to have full context here. Just to be sure, have you authenticated before you run balena push command? It’d be good to run balena whoami to make sure you are logged in as the right user that has permissions to push to that application.

Then could you please post the error here as you see it?

Could you also run balena version and tell the version you are using?

Sorry for the delay. I have it all working now.