Issue setting up BalenaOS wifi-repeater

I’m running into an issue pushing the BalenaLabs Wifi-Repeater project to my BalenaCloud Raspberry Pi 4 device

When I run the following command referencing the wifi-repeater repo in my Downloads folder from GitHub:

/home/USER/Documents/balena-cli/balena push wifi-repeater --source /home/USER/Downloads/wifi-repeater-master/

I get this:

BalenaAmbiguousApplication: Application is ambiguous: wifi-repeater

How do I resolve this issue?


Do you have access to another application with the same name? Perhaps someone shared their app with the same name with you?

The CLI was most likely not able to figure which one of the 2 to use. Can you try by using balena push org-name/app-name --source /path/to/app instead?

Hey @crash_test_dummy did you solve your issue with the solution from my colleague?

Let us know if that worked!