Unable to Connect to the Internet - Inactive Device


I’m facing a connectivity issue with my RPI 3.
The device has the status Inactive, and I couldn’t find the reason for that.
I followed the instructions in the troubleshooting section, and I can tell that:

  1. the device is correctly connected to ethernet
  2. as much as can see, the network is not restricting or blocking the ports specified in the balena network requirements.
  3. in the dashboard everything seems to be normal with the logs, but the status is inactive and there is no access to the terminal.
  4. there is no recognized repeated pattern of the ACT led.

Any input is appreciated!


System Details:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • balenaOS 2.26.0+rev1 (development)
  • Supervisor version 8.0.0
  • Network connection: Ethernet

Hi @Sara,

Are you able to ssh directly to the device locally via balena ssh? The device may be intermittently disconnecting and reconnecting from our VPN, which could cause log delivery without terminal access.

Please let us know if you are able to access the device!

Thanks for your reply @xginn8!

balena ssh <UUID> prints Device is not online.

From what I can see from the logs (I’ve installed the Resin OS NetworkManager Debug Logs Collector), it seems that the logs are in correlation with your diagnosis. It loops with Connection reset, restarting [-1] and SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting.

OK.It seems that I have the same problem as you,but I cannot find any solution yet,that really made me confused.:sweat_smile:



do you have local mode enabled for this device? Can you access it via sudo balena local ssh ...? Can you please attach NetworkManager debug logs? I mean, the whole file for example, not just snippets.


Hi @Sara,
First of all I want to confirm that this device is running against balena-cloud and not an open-balena instance. Is that correct?

Can you clarify how that device ended up as Inactive?
Did you do that from the Dashboard’s actions menu or maybe you used a CLI command or CURL request to achieve that?
Inactive Devices get the inactive flag removed automatically once they connect to our backend and get online.

in the dashboard everything seems to be normal with the logs

Do new logs show up in the dashboard?

I’ve installed the Resin OS NetworkManager Debug Logs Collector

How did you achieve that? Did you manage to ssh into the host OS of the device as per the installation instructions?

Also a kind reminder to send us the complete NetworkManager debug logs. We can initiate a private communication channel for this if you prefer.

@oraclepi can you also give us some extra context and answers the questions asked right above?

Hii I’m facing the same issue as above. While I’m checking for local devices

Reporting discovered devices
Could not find any local balenaOS devices

Additional information may be available in debug mode. Prefix the command
line with DEBUG=1, i.e.: DEBUG=1 balena …

Getting the above error …

Heya ! Could you attach the full log from the session, with DEBUG=1 prepended to the command ?
Also - there is a list of questions asked above - could you let us know the answers there as well ? This would help us debug the issue :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Hii this issue is resolved for me by running some commands. Thank You.

But I’m unable to see the local device scan. -->Reporting scan results
Could not find any balenaOS devices in the local network

I can clearly work in Balena Cloud but in cli i cannot, hope you can help me out.