Unable to Connect to the Internet: At bootup

When I boot the new balenaOS, freshly made from the dashboard and etched using balena etcher, it fails to boot. I have searched everywhere for how to fix this, and managed to track the issue down to an internet connection issue. The ACT led blinks four times at bootup until turning off. Using the troubleshooting guide found here: https://www.balena.io/docs/faq/troubleshooting/troubleshooting/#error-notifications
It is clear that I have a connection problem. I have checked the “resin-wifi-01” file and the SSID and passcode are correct. The next recommended step is to: check that your network is not restricting or blocking the ports specified in the balena network requirements. I then followed the link to find the ports that need opened but I have no idea how to check that they are open or open them if they are blocked. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there,

It sounds like it probably is a network issue. The easiest way to troubleshoot this would be to set up internet connection sharing between your laptop and your device. Do you have an ethernet cable? Here are some guides on how to do this for different operating systems:

Once you have the internet connection setup you should be able to ssh into your device using: ssh -p 22222 root@your-pi-ip-address

From here try journalctl -ab to print out the logs and see what’s going on

Thank you for the help. This seemed very promising and I set it up with a functional raspberry pi first, and the internet connection did successfully share. Then I changed it out and connected it to the balenaOS one to attempt to boot it up and it still blinks the ACT led 4 times and sits on the white screen with the balena logo in the center. Are there any other ways this problem could happen? I do not believe it is the internet after this did not work.


Were you able to ssh into the device? If the device is connected, you should be able to find the ip address using arp -a from your pc/laptop. Try the journalctl from there.

If that doesn’t work, try reflashing the image for the device that isn’t working


Thank you for the quick response! I tried using the “ssh -p 22222 root@ipaddress” line and it returned “Permission denied (publickey).”


On production images require an SSH key to be added to the config.json file in order to ssh into the device but development images have passwordless root access enabled so you can edit the config.json and add your key there (More details about the config.json file can be found here https://www.balena.io/docs/learn/more/masterclasses/host-os-masterclass/#6-configjson).

Or if you have an ethernet cable, just plug it in your device and see if it works.