Debugging network issues

I have two raspberries 4s and currently running into an issue with connecting to one of them.

The one works fine, no issues.
The other uses the same image, downloaded from balena cloud.

I boots up, shows the balena logo but I doesn’t connect to the network.
Its correctly plugged in and using the same raspberry with an raspbian lite.
The LED blinks 4 times as documented if it can’t connect to the internet.

I also do not see any new devices in my network (checked DHCP client list), so it seems it has problems doing a ifup.
As all documentation I found always assumes I can do a balena ssh, I’m a bit lost.
The networking masterclass I found is also not helpful - :stuck_out_tongue:

I edited in the config.json on the resin-boot and set “persistentLogging”:true, but I do not see any logging files, after booting it up and putting the SD card back to my PC.

So without logs and without error output I’m a bit lost.

How could I debug this better? Can I somehow show the syslog on the screen instead of the balena log to see if there is an error?

Hi, are you using a production image or a development one? If you use a development image you should get more information during the boot process. Also, how are you connecting to the network? You could double check the contents of the configuration files that reside under system-connections (when mounted on your development machine).

It was a production build, somehow missed the development build option.

That helped a lot. Thanks!