Ubuntu 18.04 cannot launch etcher 1.4.6

I just downloaded the appimage for linux x64. Trying to launch the appimage on Ubuntu 18.04 is resulting in several node errors. Below is a screenshot of the error dialog that comes up. Hitting ok, just brings up the errors again. I have to kill the app to close it. Any ideas what might be wrong? I’m guessing the appimage should contain all the node modules that the program requires.

have exact the same problem

Hi there @brucehvn & @CTAC,

This issue appears to be the same as the one being tracking in this GitHub issue: https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/issues/2508. Can you both please try the fix outlined in this comment and let us know the outcome?

This did not work for me. The only thing I’ve gotten to work is to install 1.4.4 from the .deb file. But after running the problem file (1.4.6), I have to blow away all the subfolders in ~/.config/etcher-electron before launching 1.4.4 will work.