trying to make sure I understand

Etcher finished writing the astroberry server image file to a kingston 64GB drive. Said it failed due to mismatch code? Windows didn’t recognize the 64GB drive, immediately wanted to format it. ignored that message. I’ll try to see if it works tomorrow. Is this typical behavior???


Hi, thank you for getting in touch with us!

  • Which version of Etcher have you got? I would make sure to be using the latest version
  • Have you tried flashing the astroberry-image in another card? That would help you discard the possibility of the SD Card being faulty
  • Formatting the card / deleting all it’s content is never a bad idea to make sure that no corrupt files are left behind
  • If none if this work, you can also access the console of balenaEtcher just by pressing Ctrl+Shift+i check the error message there and get back to us
    Good luck!