Tinker Edge R support

Hi there,

The list of supported devices shows 3 options for the ASUS Tinker family of products:

  • Tinker Board
  • Tinker Board S
  • Tinker Edge T

The more recent ASUS Tinker Edge R is not included in the list but could be a worthy addition as it supports expansion through PCI-e modules, has higher performance (more RAM, better CPU), more storage, better connectivity.

How much work would it be to add this device to the list of supported devices? Can we expect this to happen in a reasonable time frame or should I not keep my hopes up and look for another AI-enabled device for my fleet?

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thanks for reaching out. The device is not on our roadmap, thus we highly appreciate contribution to the list of supported device types.
I’m linking you our contribution guide here: meta-balena/contributing-device-support.md at master · balena-os/meta-balena · GitHub
And you can find the related balena-os repository for ASUS tinker boards here: GitHub - balena-os/balena-asus-tinker-board
A starting point would be to find an ASUS Tinker Edge R yocto board support package (BSP) and compare it with the GitHub - balena-os/balena-asus-tinker-board.

If the contribution is not a pursuable way for you, you could share some requirements of your AI applications and we may guide you with some device suggestions. Or you check our supported devices for one that is comparable to the ASUS Tinker Edge R and start with this device type.

Best Regards