Asus Tinkerboard S Configuration

The Asus Tinkerboard S has a decent spec and supports 4K, but when I tried a test with the balena electron JS the performance of rendering a webpage with a slider is a bit choppy. Are there any config that need to be adjusted for a better performance?

Hello @pjs, I don’t have much experience with the Tinkerboard, but have you tried to increase the GPU memory on the balena dashboard?

Go to Fleet Configuration and change the values for RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem.
Try something like 396 and see if you get any improvement there.

Let me know how it goes,

Hi @dansku, I did change the values of the GPU on the dashboard, but there was no difference in performance.


not 100% sure if it would fit your requirements, but did you try running the balenaDash project?

Give it a go and see if you have the same quality issues.

@dansku Thanks! I’ll look into the Dash, though will prefer building on electron. I think the issue might be with the chromium build in this version of Electron
See attached the gpu info

. How do I enable gpu acceleration or upgrade the package to a newer version of Chromium and Electron?

Hi @pjs , I’m no expert on this stuff,but I think one of the main issues with electron GPU acceleration on most of the ARM SBCs is that they use a MALI gpu which doesn’t yet have great support in x11, I think there is some good support for them in wayland, but as of yet electron doesn’t support wayland. So we are still pretty far off good GPU accelerated electron on these boards. If you find a way to get this working, our team and community will be super super interested, we have been trying to solve it for a while (one of the reasons we ended up building Balena WPE, which balena-dash is based on.)

@shaunmulligan We have HW acceleration (excluding VAAPI) for electron on tinkerboard S.

We’ve combined the RK3288 media install script from armbian in a build with electron:

We’ve also been able to accomplish this on the RK3399 platform as well.

Video performance is acceptable enough – however vsync is still an outstanding issue for us.