This disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another disk

When cloning multiple copies of the same disk image, the UUID/unique identifier is not modified to be truly unique.

In fact, this is “by design” - the copy is well and truly an “exact” copy, all the way down to the color and thread-count of its socks.  (Except for, perhaps, the size of the disk/SD card being imaged to.)

However, there are times when this creates an issue:

Let’s say an instructor in a classroom environment has a bunch of “somthings” being run by SD cards. To make his job easier he takes ONE SD image and modifies certain configuration files to make it suitable for his classroom environment. He then plugs in another SD card - or a group of them using a hub - to copy from the original card to the copies. . . .

Or, a hobbyist like myself makes a copy of an SD card and, over a period of time makes modifications to it.  He then wants to make another copy and copy the modifications over to it. He plugs both cards in - and blammo!

In my case I had imaged a SD card for one of Dexter Industries GoPiGo robots, (<= shameless plug for an excellent 'bot), worked with it, and then decided to try booting from an external SSD.  I cloned the same image to the SSD card, plugged it in with the original SD to copy modifications - and I ran into this problem.

Enhancement request:
If possible, can a way, perhaps a checkbox, be added to re-assign a truly, (hopefullly!), unique “unique identifier” to each image as it is created?


Jim “JR”

@jharris1993 Thanks for writing! Though it’s possible, UUIDs can be reset, but it’s a tricky process. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass on the suggestion to our engineering team.


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True, oh wise one!

So true in fact that Acronis True Image announced it as a major feature upgrade a while back.

Especially when cloning/spooling an image bit-by-bit, I would suspect that it’s hairier than Bigfoot!

Thanks for putting on your wish-list.  I’d appreciate seeing that feature, but won’t have a fit if you can’t do it.  However, since you guys have set the standard for copying - so much so that absolutely everyone  who has half a brain points to you as the Gold Standard for cloning - that I’d expect it to be a cinch! :wink:  Just kidding, but if anyone can do it, you folks can.

Jim “JR”