Under what conditions, if any, can the device UUID change?

Is there anything short of a complete reinstall on the device that would cause the UUID to change?

The UUID of an install never changes, that UUID is “the device”.

If you start from a newly downloaded image (for the devices that run from it like the Raspberry Pi family) or reflash a device (that use flashed images, like the BeagleBone or the NUC), than will have a new UUID, since there’s no way for us to know whether it’s a new device, or a reinstall.

On the flipside, you can set up a downloaded image with the information of an existing device, so you can create a reinstall/reflash that recreate a device with a specific UUID (e.g. using the resin-cli to generate a config and inject it into an image).

Do you have anything in mind regarding UUIDs?

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Thanks for the response. That’s exactly what I was looking for, and knowing you can re-create a device with a specific ID is a nice bonus.

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