Re-download device image


is it possible to re-download the resinos image for a specific device to burn to an SD card?

I have a device which had an SD card failure, I deleted the downloaded image after I initially burnt it to an SD card.

I can’t seem to see anywhere in the dashboard to download the same image again to get this device back up.

Hey @hayesey you should just able to download the resinOS image again using the “add device” button. If you are looking for a specific version that does not appear, ensure you have checked the “show outdated versions” checkbox.

Is this what you meant?

Hi, perhaps I’ve misunderstood how it works. I thought that when I add a new device and click the download link that this was an auto-generated image specific to that device with it’s ID (UUID?) baked into it along with some other basic settings such as wifi credentials.

I’ve added another device and put that SD card into the same physical device (actually a Pi Zero W) but it appears as a different device with a different name in my application.

Is that how it should work and should I just delete my original device?

Is the UUID generated on the device when it first boots up so if an SD card fails, I have to set the device up as a new one? I don’t think that’s a big deal if so but just not how I was thinking it would work.

Ah I see the issue that you were trying to avoid. Yes we would recommend re-provisioning a device, as the device gets its identity at provision time, and transferring this over can be messy.

This means the device will have a new identification and you should be free to delete the old one.

OK that makes sense. I suppose the point is the device ID is fairly irrelevant as all devices within the application will be running the same software. I have deleted the old one now.