Problem after cloning hard disk

I wanted to clone one hard drive to another. The drives had the same size (LBAs are equal). After the process, that finished with no error after verify, both hard disk are apparently empty, I am using Windows 7 and Computer Management/Disk Management, say that the hard disk must be initialized.
I tried GUID on the copy and I got all the disk as Unallocated. Any suggestions?


Hello Joao, thanks for writing at the balena forums.

Was there any content on the drive used as a source, was it “unallocated” before using it as a source for flashing?


Unfortunately the content was important. The source was not empty.



I assume you were running Etcher on the same Windows 7 machine, could you please describe the exact steps you performed? Are the drives internal or external? Does the situation change when you unplug the copy and then plug it back in? Was the copy “Uninitialized” before or did it hold something (maybe an empty partition)?


I ran the software with run as supervisor. The drives were external and connected by USB. It took a lot of time, but that was not a problem. I did it with the verify option on and the message that everything was ok appeared when the process finished. I don’t want to waste your time. The intention was to copy the original hard disk so that I had a copy, just in case, as no CDs are available with the machine.


Hello @Joao_Almeida,

That’s fine, we’d like to get to the bottom of this. Please let me know if I got the situation right:

  • You had 2 external USB drives connected to the Windows 7 machine.
  • One of the drives (drive 1) had files on it that were accessible before running etcher.
  • The other drive (drive 2) was empty.
  • Both drives are equal in size
  • You clicked on the “Clone Drive” option and used drive 1 as source and drive 2 as target.
  • Etcher cloning process was successful (including write verification).
  • After that, both drives (drive 1 and drive 2) seem to be empty and Windows 7 is reporting that the hard drives must be initalized.

Is this correct? Would you be able to send a screenshot of how Windows reports the drives as not initialized?


Don’t worry. I solved the problem. I will simulate it again and I will tell you the results. The source was the hd of a computer I bought. I urgently need to pu it to work, so I downloaded Windows and I will install it again.

Thanks a lot and sorry for teh English

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No worries at all, let us know the results once you’re finished. By the way, if you found the problem it would be great if you can post it here so the whole community can benefit from it ;).