The dashboard doesn't update device IPs

The IP addresses on the dashboard don’t get updated. For example if we have a device installed locally that is connected over ethernet, the dashboard will forever display the IP of the device when it was first connected, rather than the current IP - even if the devices gets assigned a different IP through DHCP

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Hi, that should not be the case normally, if the device is functioning, the supervisor running on the device should get the IP address changes and pass it on to the backend, so it can be displayed in the dashboard.

Is the device working normally otherwise? Do you see up to date application logs in the dashboard log window? If you connect to the Host OS in the terminal and check the IP address of the ethernet connection, is it the one that you see in the device summary page?

What device type and OS version do you have?

These are development devices in local mode, therefore logs are not being streamed to the dashboard. Is this also the reason for the IP not being updated? In any case, it doesn’t seem like the desired behaviour.
The device shows up in the dashboard, says it’s in local mode, says it’s online, but the IP is wrong ( on dashboard, in ifconfig - double checked that it’s the same device by checking uuid). Showing a stale IP is not particularly useful.
The problem seems to appear for all our test devices - a mix of balenaFin and Raspberry Pi 3 B. The ones we noticed the problem on are on OS version 2.29.2+rev2 (development version) - supervisor version 9.0.1. We also have another fin on OS 2.31.5 - supervisor 9.11.3 but haven’t moved it around yet so not sure if the same problem would occur.

When devices are in local mode we currently do not update many status fields in the dashboard for these devices. Although this is something we are looking in. We are working on trying to get the IP updated in the dashboard in the near future. In the mean time you could also use balena local scan from the CLI to discover the devices in your local network.
We will update this thread, when we support updating the IP in the dashboard in local mode.

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Thanks for the reply. I agree that there is a need to look into that - IP is probably one of the fields that should be updated regardless of whether the device is in local mode or not. The dashboard shows that a local mode device is online, but when the IP is old, it can become confusing for users.

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Very well put, and thanks for all the feedback!