Temp and humidity sensor project with InfluxDB and Grafana

I’ve been trying to get this but I think my influx db has been incorrectly set up.

If anyone has gotten this to work please help me out. Specifically I’d like to know how to set up influxdb and grafana.

I’m using raspberry pi 3 b+ and dht22/am2302

Hey @justinw, welcome to Balena forums.
The InfluxDB server installation is used to receive sensor data. The InfluxDB server back-end is expected to be set up outside the device fleet, (on some VPS, bare-metal server or even workstation). Did you try the InfluxDB installation guide?

I have been working on a multi-container system for my office space DoES Liverpool.

It’s based on some existing Balena work which I’ve reconfigured into containers for

  • grafana
  • influxdb
  • mqtt (mosquitto)
  • node-red

(All of this runs inside the RPi - you don’t need anything else)

We have a load of Sonoff sensors pushing data into it and some Displays showing all the metrics.

It’s working really well actually.

Code is here -


Might help.



Hey @justinw,

In case you want to host Grafana and InfluxDB in your Raspberry Pi, you can base your project on https://github.com/balena-io-projects/balena-sense


Thank you @ajlennon! I’ll check it out today after work.

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Thanks @dansku. I’ll give this a try.

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