MING - An IoT Sensor Stack - Mosquitto, InfluxDB, NodeRed, Grafana

Hi everybody,

We’re beavering away with sensor development projects up at DoES Liverpool and have been playing with various technology enablers.

We use MQtt a lot for embedded device comms (think lots of Sonoff Pow R2’s measuring power and controlling devices in the space).

We had a need to store the data somewhere (so the InfluxDB time series database).

Then we needed to transform and analyse sensor data easily, hence Node Red flows.

And finally we wanted to dashboard up and graph the data easily, hence the Node Red Dashboard and use of Grafana.

The obvious thing was to take this “MING” stack and containerise it with Balena.

Which I have now done.

We’ll be talking about this up at OggCamp in Manchester next weekend (https://www.oggcamp.com)

Please let me know if you use this for anything :slight_smile:




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@ajlennon awesome thanks for sharing!

It looks like you used the old balenaSense Grafana setup - you might like to check it out now, as it has an example of the “proper” Grafana provisioning process so you don’t have to copy the .db file around. That works fine of course, just thought you would be interested, as it makes it easy to make and track changes to your default dashboards.

Thanks again!

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I think I did! Good point and I’ll make sure to add attribution :slight_smile:

Oooh that’s interesting to know - thanks I shall investigate!

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