Adding external weather data to BalenaSense dashboard


Has anyone tried to add in additional dashboards that show external weather fed from something like OpenWeather?

I found this tutorial

However even after reading quite a few of these I’m still not any further forwards, my main problem is how to make the API call and get the data into the influxDB. Appreciate this is a total lack of understanding on my part of Grafana, Telegraf and influx. I did sign up and get my API key, as well as figure out the query, just can’t see how you get this to run either from Grafana or the Pi Balena OS.

I know you can get terminal access to the Pi via the BalenaSense dashboard, but am lost from here on in as it doesn’t behave like a regular Raspbian OS

Hi there,

Are you trying to integrate this to balenaSense? Do you want to integrate weather data to other sensor data?

Have you taken a look at our balenaBlocks project? If all you about care is weather data, it looks like combining the balena dashboard block with the balena conector block and setting an external HTTP pull environment variable might let you achieve what you want.

Here are some further resources that may also be helpful


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Cheers Felipe,

Yes I have already got BalenaSense running, so thats exaclty what I want to do, integrate my own home data with external weather data :slight_smile:

Will give this a go and see how I get on.