Build an air quality monitor with InfluxDB, Grafana, and Docker on a Raspberry Pi

I find the instructions for setting this air quality monitor difficult to follow. Does anyone have a simple step by step process to install this?

Hi @rtubes and welcome to the forums!

Could you be a bit more specific? How far did you get and maybe where you got stuck in the setup process? We are always looking for ways to improve our guides so any more detailed feedback you can give would help.

Furthermore, we are aiming to post a video on our YouTube channel showing how to build the project sometime soon so that will give you a bit more information.

Hi Chris,

I was able to do everything until I got to the “documentation for the CLI tools”. My raspberry pi was connected to the balena cloud but I need step by step instructions maybe screen shots as well from there.



Balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation