Task bigger than 4GB.

Huge task called “horn” are flooding mine 2GB and 4GB RPi4. As a result of this I’m practically crunching nothing.
Is there anyway to bypass this kind of task, isn’t?

My device is offline at the moment, as I had to use the Pi for testing another application. I will get mine rebuilt and take a look in a day or two, to see what can be done (if anything).

Thanks in advance.
I will wait for your response.

I took a look at this @manuti, but I do not see any way to filter or bypass specific types of jobs unfortunately. You can cancel out individual tasks, but, there is no methodology to prevent similar tasks from being downloaded or attempted. So, you would have to keep a close watch on your pending Work Units and actively manage your queue if you want to control it. :frowning:

Canceling a task is easy, simply use the up or down arrow keys to select the job you’d like to cancel, and then press the A key to abort it.

Hope that helps!

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OK. Thanks, I hope they reduce the use of this big task because I like to use my Raspberry Pi as unattended as I can.