RPi4 4GB Running out of work?

My 5 x RPi4 4GB which have been running for weeks are, today, not being sent anything to run. Four of them are idle now, and the fifth is just finishing off what it has.
Is this just me?

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Hello there, we’ve noticed the same thing happening with many of our devices. At this point we think the tasks downtime is due to the Rosetta team doing maintenance on their end. We’ll are keeping a close eye on this but we think it should be back to normal soon.

Hey, so it definitely looks like the Rosetta team is not adding new tasks at this moment. See: https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/server_status.php, there are only 5 tasks available.

Some of our devices are slowly getting tasks now.

My RPis are still idle, hopefully will get work next time they ask.

@vinntec mine just grabbed 7 new tasks, a moment ago. You can force an update through the ‘Projects’ menu as before, to see if you grab any new work units. Looks like they are just filling the queue now. :slight_smile:

Nope mine get nothing even after update. Hopefully will pick up again soon.

OK getting back to normal now, had to Update one to get it to start work!


Another RPi4 without task for many hours.
Are we crunching all the data available on Rosetta? :smile:

Hello! we are getting similar behavious with no tasks. Here you can find the Rosetta at Home server status https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/server_status.php

it seems there are no tasks ready to be sent to the boards. Let’s wait some more hours if they can introduce more tasks on the system.

Thank you for being part of the fleet :slight_smile:

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