[Solved] No task for 3 days

I’m not receiving any task in my 2 units of Raspberry Pi 4 for the last 3 days.
Anyone knows about this shortage in folding tasks ?

I can confirm that the same happened for my NUC.
It might just be a shortage of newly created tasks as the year ends.
I’ve also reached the respective team internally about this so that they can double check whether that’s indeed expected.

Kind regards,

OK Thodoris.
Thanks and I will waiting for new year’s tasks.

I got some tasks again starting yesterday. But yes, I had the same experience as you did, no tasks for about 3 days.


Yes, task are returned. End of the year shortage I suppose.
Is there any way to mark as solved?
Or only changing the title?

Hi, There’s no way to mark solved, but I’ll mark it our end, thanks.