sudo apt update fails on balenaFin recommended Raspbian image

When I try to ‘sudo apt update’ it fails with 'E: The repository ‘ stretch Release’ odes no longer have a Release file. This is on the balenaFin v1.1 and with the recommended Raspbian image.

I need this to update so I get upgrade from Python 3.5.3 to 3.8.

Not sure what to do, does anyone know how I can fix this?

Hello @evanfitzgerald ,

Sorry for the late response. We’ve been working on this for the past few weeks and we have a few updates:

  • In order to release a newer version of Raspbian, we needed to upgrade the kernel to 5.10. The wireless module gave us a few headaches, so it took more time than we originally anticipated.
  • We have a build that’s being tested and we plan to release it in the next days.

Do you have a specific Raspbian version that would allow you to update to python 3.8?


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When this happens? I’m stuck with the SIM (failed due to old version of modemmanager) that only works with latest version of raspbian. So we need to wifi working. When we will have this new version???

Hi @ntzovanis

Makes sense, the specific Raspbain version I was looking at is ‘Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)’.

Since it has been about a month since your post, do you release the build you mentioned?

Where could I find this release if it has been released?


Hi, I checked this other thread where my colleague has provided an update:

Hi, just a quick update. We have now merged an update to the master branch in balenafin-raspbian with the update to Buster and the updated wireless driver. We still need to validate the images before officially releasing the update, but it might unblock you.

So no we don’t have a new release posted to the debian repos yet, but we are making progress!

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