Upgrade Fin kernel


There is a webcam model that we have which works well on a rpi3 running raspbian with kernel 4.19.118-v7+ but doesn’t work in kernel 4.19.75 of balenaOS 2.51 for fin. I was wondering when a development version of balenaOS 2.53 will be out for balenafin since that contains kernel 4.19.118

Thank you

Hi there, we’ll confirm when the next OS version for the Fin is coming out and advise.

Hello, The development version of balenaOS 2.53 should be available at the begining of next week (possibly end of this week). Thank you.

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Any updates regarding this?

Hello, I’ve checked and the release date has been pushed back a bit, and it’s now expected to be released next week.

OK. Thanks!

Thank you balenaFin Gods for downgrading the image for Rasbpberry Pi as well. Having that we could at least continue our work. Now you took it away without a notice and we have to find another way.

balenaOS 2.56 is currently being tested in the staging environment for both Fin and RPi3 devices, and will be released in the near future. We will keep you updated.

I understand. Can you estimate a date?

Hi, our current estimates for the next release is for the next few days, but most likely not tomorrow.

Ok. Thank you.

Hi, sorry for the delay. We have released OS version v2.58.3+rev1 to production so you can go ahead and use this newer release.