balenaFIN - Wireless and Bluetooth adapters not working


I noticed that these 2 adapters are not showing up after apt-get update apt-get upgrade on balenaFIN running the Raspbian distribution.

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

Just to clarify so I can report this accurately, are you running the latest version of Raspbian for balenaFin (2019-02-26-balenafin-raspbian-stretch) or a different version? And rfkill list doesn’t show wifi up?

Before you attempted the update and upgrade, did these work?

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Same problem.

Hi @sicabboy and @alpo ,

I’ve been in touch with the team, and our build engineer is actively looking into this at the moment. This appears to be an issue where our internal build CI is hitting an issue during its build of Raspbian for the Fin, and subsequently carrying out an apt-get upgrade removes the Wifi and Bluetooth drivers. The ongoing forum thread for this is here: Connect to wifi where Alex is posting information as he gets it.

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