SpeedTest with LCD display

Hello all, I’ve recently rewritten my speedtest app, and then wrote a blog post about it. I’d love to get some feedback on it! Should work pretty much out of the box for anyone who’s got an adafruit LCD plate (linked in github description) or be easily adapted if you’ve got a different display.




This looks awesome!!

Thanks! Its been a lot of fun to tinker with

@badgerops cool stuff! Just been checking it out to set it up for myself too (diagnose all the things!)

I don’t have an Adafruit LCD, but have some Pimoroni Display-o-Tron HAT at hand. Might just give it a try at the next Hack Friday we have at resin to add support for that. It’s great that the buttons can be used what to display, if I read the code correctly, as Display-o-Tron has some buttons too. :slight_smile:

I’ve been eyeballing that Display-o-Tron, seems like that would be pretty easy to adapt to! Maybe would be a good reason to rewrite some of the code to be display agnostic and make it pluggable!
I look forward to seeing what happens on hack Friday! :smiley:

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Yeah, I was looking at that how you were writing it, and if you plan to do some “display agnostic” or pluggable updates to it, I’m happy to test some stuff out potentially :wink:

The Display-o-Tron hat is nice because it can do RGB backlight (and 3 segments that can all be different colours;), doesn’t get much fancier than that! :rainbow:

Oh, would you look at that, they’re in stock! Wonder how quickly this will ship :smiley:

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