Screen Mirroring for the visually impared

Hi everybody and a very Happy New Year to you! Let’s hope 2023 is a good vintage.

I’ve been a bit lax on my #BalenaAmbassador role recently as I’ve been running around far too much with business issues but I’ve taken the time out over the holiday break to play with some tech (which is always the fun bit eh!)

I’m very interested in #TechForGood and #AssistedLiving and we have family members who are increasingly visually impaired. They were telling me it’s getting to the point they can’t make out what’s on their iPhone screen any more so I thought… What can we do?

Screen Mirroring came to me, and some googling showed there’s a UxPlay tool for Linux! I spent some hours unsuccessfully trying to get this to build up for Balena before I had the bright idea (!) of searching for a Balena block and hey presto the work had already been done

I literally just had to click “Deploy” and this was added to my device here (a Raspberry Pi 4 mounted onto the back of an HDMI display) and we’re up and running. Wow!

Next steps are that I want to add a captive portal to this to make it easier to configure in new settings.

I see we have GitHub - balena-labs-projects/wifi-connect: Easy WiFi setup for Linux devices from your mobile phone or laptop which is a “block” but does anybody know if there’s any easy way to one-click-deploy this?