Orange Pi support?


Do you know if there is support for orange pi hardware, or if it is planned?



Hey @jcozar. Funnily enough I have actually been working on support for some of the orange pi/allwinner boards in my spare time. I currently have a mostly working build for the Orange Pi Lite, however, it is blocked by some necessary changes in the meta-resin repo. I think we should be able to have OPi Lite support in the next month or so.

Which specific Orange Pi version are you looking to use and what features do ou need? My build is targeting the mainline linux kernel, so some features like GPU/hdmi are not working currently.


That’s great! I would like to work mainly with two OPi models:

  • Orange Pi Zero
  • Orange Pi PC Plus

In the second case I would like to use the GPU with OpenCV, but in the first case I don’t care.

Thank you!


@jcozar cool, both of those should be fairly straight forward because they are based on the H3 Chip. However, I have read that for the OPi Zero the out-of-tree wifi driver is very unstable, to the point where Armbian recommends not using wifi at all on that board.

With regards to the GPU on the PC Plus, I think that might be pretty difficult mainly because the newer kernel versions for the H3 are all mainline linux and the proprietary blobs for the Mali GPU will never get accepted into mainline. I have spent some time looking around to see if anyone has managed to patch GPU blobs in to a newer 4.x kernel, but haven’t turned up anything good yet, as far as I can see GPU is only working on the 3.4 kernel and unfortunately that doesn’t have the necessary prerequisites to run Docker, so resinOS can’t work there :frowning:

In any case, I will probably try get a hold of an OPi Zero board as it looks pretty straightforward.


I have two Orange Pi types of board: the OPi Zero that I used to make a cluster with it (5 nodes) - Docker works perfectly although at the moment it is only version 1.12.6. You can see the cluster here.

I have also a couple of Orange Pi PC2 and I run several, Dockerized, services on it in using Docker with quite intensive use of CPU and I/O. Basically it handles a suirvellance system with 5 netcam using motionye plus other additional services.

I have started to look ad Resin OS because I like the concept of having a very specialized Docker “machine” to be used to run only Dockerized services and started to get interest on Home Assistant.
Having a Resin OS based cluster could be a nice solution.



A while ago I purchased a Orange Pi Plus 2E with the intent of running Home Assistant on it but then found out about (which runs on top of resinos) and I can’t go back.

@shaunmulligan Any plans to support the Orange Pi Plus 2E? I don’t care about wifi or GPU.

Thanks in advance for any info!



Hi, our device support is tracked on Github, see the current Orange Pi entries. If you thumbs-up the devices/issues that are relevant for you or open new entries if anything you’d like is missing, that would help us a lot to prioritize.


Hey @mihalski,
The OPi Plus 2E is one of the boards on my list, I have been working here: , it should only take a week or two to build support for the 2E, but I haven’t had anytime to work on this stuff in the last while. If you have any yocto knowledge, you might be able to add support to my resin-allwinner repo.

I hope to maybe have sometime in the coming month to clean up the support for the Nanopi and add the OPI Plus 2E, but I can’t be super sure unfortunately :confused:


Awesome @shaunmulligan!

It’s great to know someone is working on it.

I don’t have any yocto knowledge but it sounds like I will be gaining some soon. Would be good to dust off the 2E.

Looking forward to having it supported in the future.