UK platform departure display - connecting the display

I’m quite new to this and prepared the platform departure software in anticipation but before I purchase the suggested screen but I was wondering whether I could get away with this project without the need to solder, i.e. does the suggested screen come with pins? I know that won’t fit into the suggested 3D case but I wanted to build it as a proof of concept using my existing Pi3b+.

Any assistance would be appreciated regarding connecting the display.

Hello there,

Looking at some other options on Aliexpress, i could find some that seem to have the pins already soldered. e.g, this one. But can’t be sure, you will have to confirm with the seller before purchasing. You should then be able to connect to the pi3b+ pins using dupont cables.

Hope this is helpful.


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Thanks Rahul, very helpful. I might actually get a larger screen that I can use for other projects, it’s advertised as SPI, do you think I will have to modify the code for it to work instead of the suggested screen in the project?

Hello @mus451
The project has been designed to work with a specific display. Using any other type of display, i.e. different dimensions, different controller chip etc. will require modifications to to be made to the software.