Something went wrong while flashing using win10

I get an error while flashing an .img to a brand new flash card using win10 x64. I run balena as an admin.

I also tried this fix How to prevent creation of "System Volume Information" folder in Windows 10 for USB flash drives? - Super User from another post, but it did not help.

You can find the error message in the log file below. The error appears after the boot and another partition is created an windows makes the usb sound, then the error happens. I also tried it with rufus and win32diskmanager with the same issues. Can you help me?

1675255876397.log (9.4 KB)

I used this Digitus Dual Card Reader Hub Reader. This was the problem. I bought this one Esperanza EA134K USB 2.0 and it worked perfectly fine.

Hi, welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing your case and the solution you found, it will be useful for others with the same issue.

If you have any other further questions or issues please let us know