Error Message: Flash Failed

Trying to write ubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso to a USB Flash Drive. The process starts normally, writes to the new device, and goes through the validation step. At some point during the validation, three new drives appear in Windows Explorer. In every case I get “Flash Failed!”, and the three drives disappear.
I have tried:
a) upgrading from 1.5.116 to 1.7.9
b) repeating the flash operation
c) trying two different USB drives: one 16 GB (USB 2.0), one 64 GB (USB 3.2)

I am running Etcher on Windows 10, but I am not trying to copy Windows to the drive.

I have opened the developer console and copied the error output to a file, but I cannot understand the listing, and it is too big to paste into this posting. I can put it on a web page, if it would be useful.