"Something went wrong, no polkit identification found error

I’m trying to use balena for the first time, practicing on Iso files that I know are good, and have flashed using rufus. The error I’m getting is the same for all the iso’s I’ve tried: “Something went wrong, if it is a compressed image please check that the image is not corrupted. No polkit identification agent found.” I’m running version 1.5.109 on ubuntu 12.04.

Could somebody please advise? Thanks, Leo

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It is a bit unclear what you are trying to achieve. Can you please clarify so I can better understand your use case and help.

Are you trying to flash a balenaOS image using rufus?

Perhaps you need to install polkit via sudo apt install policykit-1-gnome ?

Have you tried using balenaEtcher instead for flashing the OS image?


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Hi, I tried a couple of times to send you screenshots to be clear about what I’m trying to do, but it appears it won’t let me include them, I keep getting this error message

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Hi, Leo, this is a known bug in Ubuntu. You just need to run the command Rahul mentioned:

sudo apt install policykit-1-gnome 
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