No polkit authentication found

Not sure why despite libpolkit and polkit-gnome installed. Installing polkit-kde didn’t help either.

If relevant, I’m on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed running balenaetcher as a .appimage as extract and run.


hi, could you please expand a bit on your post.
It would be helpful if you can put some more context into it.
For instance, what are you trying to do?, where does it fail?

Hi, it wants polkit in order to ask for sudo password. Admin privilges are needed to modify the mounted devices.
I use Leap and i have gconf-polkit, libpolkit-qt5-1-1, libpolkit0, polkit, polkit-default-privs, polkit-gnome, polkit-kde-agent-5 i don’t know exactly which one makes it run for me.
If you don’t have the appimage integrated, just run once, after entering the password it will ask again to run once or integrate because the flashing starts anther process.
I tried with version 1.13.1, i hope thi helps.