Some standard RS485 and Enclosure

Hi All,

I would like to ask if there is a standard RS-485 board extension and non-branded enclosure to put balenaFin+RS485 board in. I know that I can order a customised enclosure and have a RS-485 board bought separately, but all RS485 I’ve tested before were not mountable to Raspberry/balenaFin boards, but for breadboard placement.

I am looking something “from the shelf” to put all balerina+RS485 boards+enclosure together and get ab Edge Gateway device.

Thank you in advance for suggestions

Hi there,

Any RS-485 HAT that works with the RaspberryPi should work with the balenaFin. Here’re some I found that are available:

Please keep in mind that we haven’t tested any of those in particular, but if they follow the HAT guidelines they should work.
Regarding the case, one option is to use the “phoenix ring” variant of our Modular Case and use the phoenix connector to expose the RS-485 pins.


Nico, thank you for the reply. I will check HATs and Phoenix Modular Case