BalenaFin with mPCIe and Hat ..... What case


I am trying to build the following: BalenaFin + mPCIe 4G + PiJuice UPS HAT.
Does the provided case with BalenaFin have enough space for both the mPCIe and HAT ? If not any recommendation for such a case ?


Hello Dominique,

I’m not sure which 4G modem you are planning to use, but we didn’t have any issues with the ones we tested so far. Due to the battery size and the expansion headers on the PiJuice HAT, it won’t fit in the regular case. The best approach would be to use the “phoenix ring” variant of the case, which has an extra ring that will allow you to place the PiJuice.



Hi Nico,

  Thanks for the answer. Any option to get a custom BalenaFin

developper kit with the phoenix ring instead of the basic case ? I
have no use of two cases.




Hi Dominique,

Send us an email at and we’ll sort it out.