LoRaWAN Gateway HAT Support for Raspberry Pis on Balena


Working on developing this project - would love for some additional feedback from those who have the new PiSupply LoRaWAN Gateway HATs for the Raspberry Pi 3B+. See my repo over here on getting started: https://github.com/willswire/balena-gateway

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Hi @wwalker, thanks for sharing the project!

I was wondering, where’s the source code of the willswire/balena-lorawan-gateway container that you are referencing in the docker-compose.yml file? Any reason why you are not adding the source inside this same repo, but pulling it externally?

For the installation step, have you seen balena push (using the balena CLI), that might simplify some things (git is sometimes more difficult for people to use). Just wondering :slight_smile:

How is it going for you, by the way, have you deployed some of the LoRaWAN gateway HATs yourself? If yes, what’s your experience? :radio:


Hey Will

There are a few repos around that you might be interested in taking a look at:

The last of the 3 is my own project which uses the RAK mPCIe card in the slot on the balenaFin so the config is a bit different as it’s a USB card rather than an SPI one.

My only feedback for you so far would be to try to use configuration variables within the dashboard to configure the setup rather than having to connect to your device and do it manually with the terminal, but a good start :slight_smile:


@imrehg thanks for the suggestions!

The source code for the image is here: https://github.com/willswire/balena-lorawan-gateway
I didn’t want to have to build the scripts each time I deploy the image (they take a little while).

I’ll update the README to include balena CLI instructions instead!

The LoRaWAN gateway hats are in the mail as we speak - should be delivered soon! This project is getting ready in anticipation of their arrival.


@chrisys @imrehg

Great point - all the installation script is doing is generating information for a local_config.json file. Could read these in via env variables for sure.


Just got a working version that loads ENV variables instead. Updated README and container info.